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The Tolbert Family Reunion

The first Christmas Dinner was held in the home of Anglee Jenkins in Acree, Georgia, in December of 1939. She was affectionately known as Aunt Lee. She would prepare the Christmas Dinner for her family members and relatives. The Christmas Dinners took place on an annual basis. All of her brothers and sisters would attend these celebrations. The names of her siblings that participated in the celebrations were Tom Tolbert, Jr., Elijah Tolbert, Charlie Tolbert, Jimmie Tolbert, Lula Tolbert-Shorte, and Joleena Gano. These gatherings served as the beginning of the Tolbert Family Dinners. Aunt Lee continued preparing these dinners for her family until her health failed. 


Several years following the Christmas Dinners, Mollie Mae Tolbert-Morgan and Lonzie Tolbert began communicating, bringing the Tolbert relatives together again for a family reunion. Thus, began the transition from Christmas Dinners to Tolbert Family Reunions. While Aunt Anglee started the Christmas Dinners/Tolbert Family Reunion, the very first official Tolbert Family Reunion was held in Mr. Henry and Eula Maude Tolbert-Brannum's home TyTy, Georgia, on December 26, 1969. After the inaugural Tolbert Family Reunion, the second annual Tolbert Family Reunion was held in Mr. Leamon and Mollie Mae Tolbert-Morgan's home in Sylvester, Georgia, on December 26, 1970. Mollie Mae Tolbert-Morgan loved her family. She always enjoyed preparing food for her family from the love of her heart. All of the family members would gather under the big oak tree that remains in the yard of Leamon and Mollie Morgan today. Under the big oak tree, the family members would gather, eat and enjoy each other. 


The family separated for nine (9) years; however, they reunited again in Tampa, Florida, on July 4, 1979. Mr. Arthur Lee Tolbert, Sr, hosted this reunion. His sisters and brother also supported this Tolbert Family Reunion (Lonnie Tolbert-Russell, Bobbie Tolbert-Rigsby, Roberta Tolbert-Brown, Jessie Mae Tolbert-Smith, and Marcellous Tolbert.


The next Tolbert Family Reunion was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on July 4, 1984. This Tolbert Family Reunion was hosted by Lonzie and Linton Tolbert.


In 1985, the Tolbert Family Reunion returned to Tampa, Florida. Again, this Tolbert Family Reunion was hosted by Arthur Lee Tolbert and his siblings. Arthur also loved his family. He was known as one of the great patriarchs of the family. Uncle Arthur would wake early to begin barbequing for the family. This was the greatest barbeque the family had ever eaten. The family looked forward to this treat each and every year. It became a tradition to have a fish fry on Fridays, barbeque on Saturdays, Church on Sundays, and the Tolbert Family Reunion dinner immediately after Church. 


Mattie Thomas Clayton hosted the Tolbert Family Reunion in Albany, Georgia, at Chehaw Park on July 5th  and 6th, 1986.


Jerry Tolbert and his wife hosted the Tolbert Family Reunion on July 4th and 5th of 1987 in Pleasantville, New Jersey.


Arthur Lee Tolbert hosted the Tolbert Family Reunion on the July 4th weekend (1988) in Tampa, Florida. The family would always attend the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.

In July 1989, the Tolbert Family Reunion was scheduled to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, and hosted by Mr. Fred Tolbert; however, the Tolbert Family Reunion was canceled.


In June 1990, the Tolbert Family Reunion returned to Sylvester, Georgia. Hosting the Tolbert Family Reunion in Sylvester, Georgia, enabled another opportunity for the family to return home. We had a fish fry on Friday, barbeque on Saturday, and attended Homecoming service at the Zion Grove Baptist Church (the home church). The Reverend Marshall Tolbert officiated the church service, and his sermon was called "GOING HOME." This Tolbert Family Reunion was hosted by Leamon and Mollie Mae Tolbert-Morgan.


In 1991, the Tolbert Family Reunion was held in Fort Pierce, Florida, at the home of Catherine Tolbert-Benjamin, along with her brothers and sisters hosting. On July 4th, we had a barbeque cookout at Sheraton Plaza Park, and on July 5th, fish fry and a pool party at Catherine's home. On July 6th, we had a hotdog and hamburgers cookout, and July 7th, we attended Church at the Piney Grove Primitive Baptist Church.          

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